Marriage for the purposes of MGTOW discussion is only applicable between a man and woman.

(Note: the MGTOW community doesn't give a shit about the political correctness of gay marriage)

The manosphere strongly holds the belief that getting married to a Western woman is retarded.

Benefits of MarriageEdit

The primary benefits of marriage is having a wife and child. However these benefits are temporary and retractable at the option of the wife.

In addition, these benefits are not exclusive to marriage.

In otherwords, marriage come with no exclusive benefits. Not even the exclusive right to have sex.

Costs of MarriageEdit

Marriage come with many costs, including but not limited to,

1. Cost of the wedding

2. Cost of maintaining a wife

3. Cost of divorce

4. Cost of child custody

5. Loss on division of assets

6. Cost of alimony

7. Cost to defend against false accusations

In total, the cost of marriage is often more than half of a man's after-tax earnings. And in abusive cases, exceeds 100% of the man's pre-tax earnings. Obviously, marriage is retarded.

Rejecting MarriageEdit

Since marriage is such a raw deal the manosphere invented new ways to retain the benefits of marriage while without having to incur the costs and risks. Marrying Foreign Foreign women, especially those in Eastern Europe and Asia are far more feminine than their Western counter parts. While they are as hypergamist as any other women, at least they acknowledge the authority of their husbands. This does not eliminate the risks of divorce but reduces it.Some MGTOW'ers are still adamant that AWALT and even foreigners are not worthy of the risk. The risk has also increased as feminism has infiltrated other cultures. However, the manosphere is unanimous that foreigners are often hotter and are not as frequently overweight. Moving ForeignThe hardcore version of marrying foreign is to move to another country where the laws and culture are more favorable for marriage.However, both marrying and moving foreign is only applicable to MGTOW'ers who wants children. And only a minority of MGTOW'ers has any interest in marriage regardless of the female candidate. Casual Sex Since women readily offer themselves in today's society, casual sex is popular for men in general. Most MGTOW'ers are also supporters of casual sex, seeing it as a utility to satisfy their needs. Women are treated as disposable sex objects because, lets be honest, thats how sluts treat men anyway.The defining characteristic of MGTOW is not giving a fuck. As such, any efforts to shame or criticize an MGTOW'er for his non-violent treatment of women will elicit the response "I don't give a fuck".

Hypergamy and PatriarchyEdit

The manosphere believes in Briffault's law and that due to the forces of supply and demand, women are the choosers and men are the chosen in a long term relationship. Hence, hypergamy in marriage is a natural law.

The significance of this means that men who still choose to marry (ie foreign) should always marry down. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship. For the woman, she gain access to a lifestyle for which she could not otherwise afford. For the man, he obtains greater loyalty from his wife than he could otherwise command. For the children, the mother will be more likely to spend time raising them.

Obviously this results in patriarchy as the man held superior status from the onset of marriage. MGTOW'ers believe that its none of the government's business to make the spouses "equal", when they obviously are not.

The idiocy of the government to impose equality and foolishness of Western women to refuse submission to their husbands results in these women losing their most coveted dream job - being a wife.