Jessie N

Most men are "beta" males anyway. "Alpha" is just feminine projections - impulsive, anti-intellectual, etc.. The qualities of being constructive, productive, (& I'll even dare say gentle, which still features intense passion - women just can't see that because they think in terms of wandering archetypes) - all what the pop. culture would call "beta." "Alpha" males are not real: They only comprise of about 10-5%, & even with that point, it's usually just farcical. ¶ Whether you're dominant or whatever, society was not created by dominant men. It was created by intelligent men - "beta" males. ¶ Males internalize their confusion, frustration, etc., & replace all that on other males, seeing them as threats, etc., & others to maintain the charades for whores' personality disorders & perennial comparisons, when we should really be critical of the whore, instead of seeing other males as competitors, etc. ¶ The highly controversial article by Ian MIles Cheong: 'Google Researcher: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men' proves it. It's seeing them in their natural state - unevolved & a burden to masculinity & the advancement of philosophical & scientific progress. That article proves that there is no "real man" predicated on the feminine because they want you - the male - to be something you're not. Females are living in a subjective bubble. Get that article, make it "go viral", as they they say, so that we can expose these fucking disgusting animals. ¶ None of this is an issue of semantics. Seriously, you know what I mean & the correlations. ¶ Firstly, renounce clubs, bars, lounges, etc., & the venues for mating rituals. These places are determined by the feminine - epicenters of male collusion, wealth transfer, & masculinity altering. You will lose money. By renouncing & working on yourself to set your own terms, operate with the attitude that every whore in such a place is a disloyal slut with various other problems that you should not be trying to fix. ¶ The males who frequent bars or clubs, etc., are delusional & only do so to get drunk to try to speak on the feminine level: "UUUah, beer & shit....", & most of them are all striving to be accepted by whores by basically emulating female psychology. This can also be done by males employing a skewed form of masculinity, even turning to violence, &, not a lot of people realize this, but it's actually defined by the feminine. The most extreme case is that his main focus is eliminating competition & securing access to whores he believes you might be competing with him for, whether you are or not. They feel threatened. This is the guy who attacks other males both in the physical & indirect sense. He ruins you're good time if you're having one simply because you're good time is a threat/distraction to his access to whores, & he realizes that his access to whores depends on his "sports competition" & acting ¶ Women often seek these types of men as a meas of making sure other males don't "get out of line"/maintain collectivism. ¶ When women are aloud complete freedom of sexual expression, as they have been today, the first thing that they will request, with bad, scattered communication, is varying degrees of simulated rape/abuse/disgrace, etc, or some other type of "journey" - all about making you something you're not, &, yet, people don't realize that male sexuality is vastly different - mainly bodily-visual - because we're bombarded with things like entertainment. Boys are being taught, expected to do some ranging version of '50 Shades Of Greed,' which is actually promoting abuse of masculinity under the pretense of "control" of women - a "vicious guard dog" archetype - dogs become that way by abuse by early age, or G.G. Allin, or something else really stupid. It also accounts for the true cause of the problem of infertility of cultured families - because females are waiting & trying to flee to get to something unreal, &, let's realize it, most women hate (or use/think lesser of) these free-way builder types of men - males who are actually making something of value, & this is one of the reasons why female determination of social structures must be stopped. ¶ The spectrum continues all the way to whores even offering themselves for marriage with high-profile serial Killers like Richard Ramirez, & nearly no one notices this. They even just make songs about it, etc., like when it was sensationalized during the infamy of Richard Ramirez of, from cross-state, women actually competing over his attention. This is not a small, little trend. It is various & common. ¶ Why does this happen? It's about access to novelty. ¶ Also, before I got  slandered by "Mtv. fags", the real reason I quit all of that was because I was noticing that those whores masturbate to G.G. Allin raping them, or something like that, & I was the only one who noticed I should not be in any competition for fucking scraps. More on that:  . ¶ Women then perpetuate the narrative that a mature/evolved/disinterested male is "autistic" because of the situation of a group talking about something stupid, like wrestling, one guy isn't involved in the debate, then he's perceived as having something "wrong" with him."