Alpha or Alpha male is a man of high sexual value generally sought after by women and especially so by sluts.


By definition Alphas have high sexual value which is derived from a combination of the following factors,

  • Income and wealth 
  • Status in society
  • Status in social group
  • Physical fitness
  • Personality

True alphas are strong in two or more of the above factors. They are "true" because both males and females will agree that their dominance is valid and those factors make them a desirable member of society even if their sexual values are excluded.

Faux AlphasEdit

Some males present the appeals of an alpha but those appeals are not supported by fundamentals. Beyond sexual appeals, these individuals are generally useless (or harmful) to the rest of society.

Pick Up Artists

Pickup Artists or PUA's are men who learned game and knows how to play a woman. PUA's use techniques such as peacocking or mind games to trick a woman into believing he is alpha but the rest of society will see through it. However, some PUA's are also true alphas in their own right and can get the ladies even without game.

Bad Boys

Bad boys include criminals, drug addicts and anyone that no employer will consider hiring. Obviously they are bad news for society. However, they offer women the excitiment of danger.